Reviews: Your Travel Work Station

Life on the go requires a reliable and stylish hardware in your bag.

You know, it’s hard to keep up with new technology when every month, even every day, there is some new gadgets or apps coming out on the market. It might feel overwhelming for many but for me, especially. I try to keep my media consumption to a minimum so I don’t clutter my mind with advertisements and news, but when it comes down to finding the best deals on the web, I like to delve into research. It took me 8 years to replace my laptop with a new one, some people may say I am frugal, but I really like to get the most out of any device’s lifespan without aimlessly consuming the ”next” new version available on the market. An upgrade long overdue to the fact of my savviness, watching after my possessions and a bit of sentimental value to it. Sentimental value to a laptop? In my case, I bought it with my first wage from my first job as my first PC ever, which went through all the storms and turbulence of late high school and university life, so it was definitely a time for an upgrade.


I finally got rid of my Acer Aspire 5730Z for the light, beautiful and compact Asus Zenbook UX305CA. First of all the computer came with amazing minimalistic packing which ‘slightly’ resembled Apple computers. After the great packaging, you see the beauty of a beast in a metallic black shiny armour weighing only 1.2kg which in comparison to my old brick of a device is like a feather. The form, edges and design of the outside shell were also made with the attention to the smallest detail. Put in comparison to the Apple MacBook Air it weighs less and it is almost as twice as cheap as the Apple counterpart. The Intel Core M-6Y30 processor might not be your Ultrabook powerhouse but it still makes your operating system and applications run smoothly while the 8GB of RAM gives you the speed and agility you need for photo and video editing your travel captions.


In terms of the Operating System, I would always choose Windows over the iOS as its flexibility and a wide range of software availability gives you the freedom to use the tools that work for your business. The new Windows 10(64 bit) that comes with the laptop is a spectacular match for the new Apple iOS and Microsoft’s best work so far. The fast and silent 128 SSD hard drive makes it perfect for storing your most important files while the easy access to cloud data storage sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive gives you security. With the 13.3 inches screen, you will get the perfect size for watching your favourite shows on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. While you are on the plane travelling to an exotic destination and the long battery life won’t let you down either. The graphics Intel HD 515 card might not be good enough for gaming, it will do you just right.

In conclusion, the affordable pricing for a light and compact laptop that is perfect for travelling and can provide the hardware for an office on the go makes the Asus Zenbook your perfect travel companion.



Disclaimer: This is an unpaid advertisement of Asus. I love their product and have been using it for more than 1 year now.

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