How to get Free by Donating?

Give so you can receive.

We bustle through our busy lives working hard and collecting possessions and stuff that give us immediate gratification making us happy for short moments at a time. When it comes down to getting rid of stuff we don’t really need, it becomes a hard decision to take. The thought of giving away your things that you worked so hard for, doesn’t sound that appealing. Although, how many times a week do you really use most of your possessions and clothes? How many times a day? It turns out that most of us don’t really use a large portion of the possessions we have. After we get bored with the latest toy, phone, bag, outfit, we are quick to discard them and stash them in the wardrobe or drawer. Why not just give them away? Why not just give the things you haven’t used in the past month to charity, to someone that might actually need them while you support a particular cause that is close to your heart. Either giving money away or your possessions brings about benefits that affect you and others positively. Financial guru Dave Ramsay says that giving is the most fun you can have with money. Being Altruistic is one of the greatest virtues that benefits you and the others around you. Being selfless can really liberate you from the bonds of your possessions while creating a different perspective on your life. A concept that resonates and adheres to donating is the incorporation of minimalism into your lifestyle. Minimalism prophesizes that “Less is More” and being self-aware while decluttering your life of possessions you don’t need can really help you free yourself and bring about improvements in your daily life.

  • Donating can bring about a number of health benefits. Giving activates the reward centre in your brain eliciting a surge of endorphins and dopamine. The act of charity generally increases your life satisfaction and makes you feel happier. Giving to others increases your capacity to love and makes you feel richer.
  • Donating gives you a purpose or helps a cause you can relate to. A cause that resonates with problems you have/had in your life or in your family, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illness, poverty, homelessness, cancer, etc. You could really bring about change and help solve major issues internationally or in your local community. You can really make a difference no matter how big or small your act of donation is. You never know which young barefoot homeless kid is going to receive your old sneakers.
  • Donating has economic benefits as well. It can reduce your tax burden as charitable contributions can be claimed back as tax deductions by the end of the year. The tax laws are different from country to country, but you can always get financial benefits from being charitable.

Finally, giving should be a selfless act which doesn’t necessarily induce receiving. Making this a long-term habit can really bring about improvements in your life and your community. Help a cause and demonstrate your support for something that matches your views and values or simply because you can.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Published by Steven Bonchev

My name is Steven Bonchev and I want to bring transparency and objective independent analysis and outlook to Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain space. I am interested in Trading and helping companies build out their Finances while growing. I am looking to bring value to your business and trading.

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