How to motivate yourself?

Feeling disillusioned and lacking motivation, find inspiration here.


Often times you may find yourself lacking belief and inspiration to push forward on your goals – be it fitness, business, love or spirituality. Procrastination takes control of your day and you start making excuses for not getting things done. We are all guilty of this on numerous occasions, postponing the hard tasks and trying to make things perfectly will always go against us. Although, there are ways to overcome that and there are people who have done it and can help you push forward, motivate yourself and not be stuck in the details. Below is a list of people that I believe in and that motivate me when the things get tough:


Gary Vaynerchuk

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Public Speaker and an Internet Personality

Gary was born in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the US when younger. He came about to achieve the American Dream by establishing companies, writing books such as Crush It, hosting his own shows and giving public speeches. Website & YouTube


Grant Cardone

Author, Motivational Speaker, Real Estate Investor, and Sales Trainer

He represents the American Entrepreneur that has started from the bottom and made his way up to success and 7, 8 and 9 digits net worth. His books such as Be Obsessed or Be average and The 10x Rule are perfect examples of motivational drive in writing. Website & YouTube


Tony Robbins

American Businessman, Author, Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker

Tony is a self-help guru and a life coach incorporating methods such as NLP and teaching you to overcome your fears through skydiving, walking on fire, etc. He has written a number of great books such as Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power. Website & YouTube


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor, Producer, Businessman, Investor, Author, Politician and Professional Bodybuilder

Almost everyone has heard at some point about Arnie, Conan, The Terminator or Governor. He is another impersonation of the American dream. Born in Austria he slowly made his way to the USA through bodybuilding then moving into acting and even becoming a politician. Arnold has a number of books under his belt including Total Recall and Arnold: Developing a Mr Universe Physique. Website & YouTube


Nick Vujicic

Australian Christian Evangelist and Motivational Speaker

He was born with phocomelia a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs and arms. Despite his disability and being bullied at school, Nick graduated from Griffith University and started speaking engagements of the age of 19. From founding his international non-profit organization Life Without Limbs to writing a number of books including Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, is a truly inspiring individual. Website

As you see, most of these guys have gone against the current again and again to achieve their goals and dreams. Many of us face challenges and everyone has problems – rich people problems, poor people problems, single people problems, married people problems. The most important is to detach yourself from these problems, stay motivated and don’t get bogged down in the details while you go out there and get what you want.

If there is no wind, row.” – Latin Proverb



Published by Steven Bonchev

My name is Steven Bonchev and I want to bring transparency and objective independent analysis and outlook to Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain space. I am interested in Trading and helping companies build out their Finances while growing. I am looking to bring value to your business and trading.

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