Benefits of not using your smartphone

Nowadays smartphones have become an integral part of our lives to the point where we don’t even know what are we going to do without them. Everyone around you is googling anything that comes up on their mind, taking pictures for Instagram, messaging their friends, etc. Phones are convenient and provide you with on-the-go information, apps that help manage social media accounts, appointment reminders, Internet connectivity for web browsing and music. Global smartphone users have been growing exponentially over the years wherein 2018 they are expected to reach 2.5 billion. Every third person in the world would have a smartphone wherein developed countries almost every person will.


Smartphones are really helping us for the better and improving our lives to what detriment though? These devices are at the inflection point of interaction between us and computers while the social element is digitized and neglected. Focusing on the tasks at hand without multi-tasking too much and being distracted by the supercomputer in your hand has become a challenge. Being present & forcing yourself to engage in social interactions is becoming harder as people seek refuge in the digital world. Having constant access in your hand to this digital world assist with wasting your time and encouraging procrastination.


Overuse of smartphones has led to the development of a smartphone etiquette. There are certain social situations where it is just not acceptable to have a phone. For example, it’s not considered polite to interrupt a conversation to check an incoming text, nor do many people feel it’s appropriate to take a phone out when at the dining table. Social media is an evil behemoth that feeds from your own ego & seeks people’s attention so that it brings the focus on you: Hey I am out here doing this thing, Look at me!! Stop feeding your ego & cravings for attention rather start reading, doing more, making real money, studying, getting girls, exercising, and generally getting where you really want to be in life.

There are many security and privacy issues related to the daily use of smartphones that many users don’t really realise. A lot of the benefits coming from having a smartphone are in regard to its internet connectivity and computing power, its ability to accomplish numerous tasks and provide you with the information and questions you need to be answered on demand. The connectivity allows for location tracking and your phone turning into a device to listen to you by the government or basically anyone. Many shady activities can be accomplished through your phone while sharing your personal information and the connectivity undermines your privacy and personal data. For example, doing business and online banking through your phone that holds all your data, passwords, confidential work information, usernames and accounts are things that can be breached. If the device is physically stolen some bad actors can get access to all your contacts, emails, messages, personal information, your whole virtual paper trail. Let’s not forget that your phone can be hijacked digitally through malware, creeping in your phone opening backdoors for leaks of all your data.


Smartphones are great distractors, which potentially decrease worker productivity and keep consumers off-task. With a device that fits into your pocket and is able to accomplish so much, it’s only natural that you’re constantly checking emails, sports scores, text messages, Facebook and browsing the Web. Phones can be addictive. Spending too much time on them can make you socially isolated from the real world. You should avoid becoming obsessed with constantly checking it. Resist the urge as it can develop into compulsive behaviour. Another interesting fact is that the constant connectivity is also going to bring in more work for you as you can constantly be reached with emails and more work by your boss or business.

Arguably the biggest disadvantage of a smartphone is its cost compared to standard mobile phones. Such a small device which can be lost, broken and misplaced easily at such a high cost. Water Damage. Dropping it in the sea, in the toilet, etc. Do you really need that urgent constant connectivity through your email, web browser? all things you can do on a normal computer or at the nearest internet café for fractions of the costs. If you actually want it for the music and pictures capability you can always get a music device and a camera. Remember that 10 years ago we didn’t even have smartphones and the world was working just fine. Don’t get sidetracked by these gadgets from actually exercising, taking pictures with your family or acting on your goals.

In conclusion, a smartphone is a great tool to use in a number of situations that can aid you in your daily life. Moreover, having one benefits you greatly, but constantly being mindful of its drawbacks and security issues can keep you from becoming obsessed with it.



Published by Steven Bonchev

My name is Steven Bonchev and I want to bring transparency and objective independent analysis and outlook to Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain space. I am interested in Trading and helping companies build out their Finances while growing. I am looking to bring value to your business and trading.

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