30 Days No Sugar & Cold Showers Challenge – Update 2

It’s you against you. Challenge yourself for the better.

Update 3 from my 30 Day Challenge below following my journal from Day 11 to Day 20:

  • Day 11

The day started with a well deserved freezing cold shower which turned out well as I feel that my resistance to cold water has increased and the low temperature does not affect me in the same way. I can stay in the shower longer and I barely shiver. I am not sure if I am starting to actually enjoy it.

  • Day 12

Today I had doubts in regard to getting under the shower thinking that the water would be much colder than it felt yesterday, though it wasn’t and I still managed to stay under the shower a fair amount of time. Since I started the challenge I had a chocolate bar sitting on my desk at work as an additional mental challenge to get over. Recently I realised I don’t really crave it anymore and I barely pay any attention to it. This is real progress!

Interesting Fact: Fruit juices from concentrate are in fact as bad for you as a can of coke where a can of coke has approx. 35g of sugar and cranberry juice approx. 30g based on a daily recommended sugar intake for an adult of 6 teaspoons or 25g daily.


  • Day 13

Some people usually have showers in the evening while others do it in the morning. I would usually have a shower in the evening, but I found that taking a cold shower in the morning before work really wakes you up and revitalizes your body. You feel full of energy and ready to take on the day.

  • Day 14-15

Going strong, I actually enjoyed my cold shower today and had no issues with sweet temptations. Although the next day I got teased at work with chocolate bars by my colleagues.

Today wasn’t as easy as the past few days as I got approached a number of times with sweets and mars bars at work and got asked questions like why are you not having sweets, got teased etc. My shower felt much colder than the other day as if my resistance was gone in an instant, but I at least I am already halfway through the challenge.

Interesting Video: The video below demonstrates the inner workings of sugar in your brain and body from the chemical and psychological standpoint. Dopamine is king!

  • Day 16

After a long overnight bus down to London, a cold shower was exactly what I needed. I stayed for good 5-10 minutes under the icy cold shower including my head which I usually keep away as my brain freezes after a while. Along the tiring journey, sugar didn’t even cross my mind and I guess sweets and stressful travel do not go hand in hand.

  • Day 17 – 18

I went out socialising and partying in London with some friends during my visit. Overindulging with alcohol in the evening and taking cold showers in the mornings when you are hangover works really well with one another. On the contrary, having no sugar or carbonated soda drinks when you are hungover is really a difficult challenge as your energy levels are low and you are dehydrated. I actually barely managed to stay strong and not down a pint of icy coca cola to help raise my blood sugar levels after the night out.

Bonus Tip: I find drinking a lot of water before you go to bed and having a yogurt and greasy food in the morning to really help you get over the hangover super quickly.

  • Day 19

After travelling, interviewing, partying and not sleeping for a weekend you really need to pamper yourself a bit with a warm bath and chocolate. In my case, I was looking at a freezing shower and abstinence from sweets, so big no with any unnecessary luxuries. I believe this was the hardest day from the challenge to get through.

  • Day 20

I thought that yesterday was the hardest day of the challenge, but it wasn’t. I ended up feeling down and out and the cold shower was killing me. I had a cold and I really started to feel tired from the trip from the weekend. I guess it can always get worse. I was going to have a normal shower and get some energy in the form of sugars to pick me up a bit for work but It was already day 20 so I have to stay stronger and complete the challenge proving to myself I can do it.


This was my personal journal between Day 11-20, please stay tuned for the last update on the 30-day challenge.



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