30 Days No Sugar & Cold Showers Challenge – Update 3

It’s you against you. Challenge yourself for the better.

Last Update 4 from my 30 Day Challenge below following my journal from Day 21 to Day 30:

DAY 21

Much better than the last two days… I went to a very good gym/sweat session and a long COLD SHOWER which really brought me back on track and boosted my immune system and my confidence about completing the challenge. I did have a bit of a SUGAR RUSH CRAVE which I managed to overcome with crisps… I have been using crisps instead of SUGAR as an escape and sugar management tool. Not the best tool I must admit, but it keeps me on track.


DAY 22

Still going strong, enjoying my cold showers and having cheat meals of crisps and fruit NO SUGAR.

DAY 23

I feel like I have come to a point where I don’t think about the COLD SHOWERS and I don’t get psyched or even bothered by them. I think I am starting to get used to it. I still miss sweets every now and then though and there is always that sweet temptation over the weekends.

DAY 24

NO SUGAR – I kind of stopped looking at the snacks in the office, but colleagues keep teasing me and offering me sweets trying my perseverance and resolve to complete my challenge.

DAY 25

NO COLD SHOWERS – at this point it feels like the showers are becoming a habit and I don’t really think about them anymore where rather just go through the shower as per usual…

NO SUGAR – So far I have learned a lot about the negatives of sugar intake, but not being able to have a can of soda it’s something that annoys me a little, not sure if it is, because of the subconscious need to the sugar that still stays in my brain or just the feeling of deprivation of something that everyone around me enjoys freely.

DAY 26

Going well, though my brother had a birthday today and he got all this ice-cream and cakes so I really wanted to join the fun. After 25 days my will-power is stronger than ever and I quickly killed the temptation in my head.

DAY 27

Everything going well I can see the end nearing and the sense of accomplishment growing as there are only three more days to go.

DAY 28

The challenge is going well. I have already started planning a victory sweets meal of Nutella + ben and Jerries in a warm bath once I am finished.

DAY 29

1 day left until it is over. I will have another major achievement for this year being able to keep myself accountable, in control and disciplined. Feeling super pumped and ready to smash through the goal!!!

DAY 30


I feel immensely proud of my perseverance and willpower to take on this challenge all the way through its 30-day timescale. I have to admit that it was a bumpy ride with several weak moments where I almost gave in, but having a final goal and keeping yourself accountable to you and the community you are competing with keeps you going. I have learned and explored a lot regarding the two subjects of not eating sugar and taking only cold showers which made me go out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions and helped me grow as a person. I feel like the 30-day challenge is a great way to face bad habits/your demons and deal with them by fighting the ignorance about them and putting knowledge and willpower into action on a daily basis while facing only yourself as the major contender. Once the challenge is finished you have improved an aspect of your life and you are the one that chooses to stay or alter the newly build habit. It’s up to you to evaluate the outcomes, look back on the journey and be proud of your accomplishment. The outcomes of my journey are that I have learned loads about the benefits of Cold Showers and I feel like I will implement the Scottish Showers (Starting with warm water and finishing with cold water) from now on as they are the perfect comfortable medium between Warm and Cold Showers as you always have to seek to strike the balance taking the best from both worlds. Regarding sugar, I won’t continue the abstinence of it, but I will consider the consequences every time I eat and drink sugary products, trying to keep them to a minimum, balanced and not overindulging on a daily basis. Thank you for helping me get through this challenge and I am 100% sure that I will use the 30 Day Challenge in the future to help improve another aspect of my life.

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