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A big bold message hits you when you first access Swissborg’s main website – Control Your Wealth. A strong proposition. One that raises both financial and emotional connotations backed by a logo with a mechanistic and forward looking design. From the mountains of Switzerland, Swissborg is set on a mission to build a platform that puts the control of your wealth in your own hands. Switzerland has been the wealth preservation state for decades where experienced investment professionals and bankers have weathered through recessions and wars preserving generational wealth. The company seeks to continue exactly that succession line of preserving the wealth of the young generations. Powered by the blockchain with a platform secured cryptographically the company seeks to aid the transition of value from the traditional to the digital. In this new day and age, preserving wealth means seeking new alternative ways of transacting and storing value.

Saving money and putting it in the bank or in a pension fund is the mainstream way of preserving wealth for the long term. Although the actual control is lost at the point of transaction as our knowledge of what happens and where does the money gets invested is lost in the chain. Placing your wealth with an investment banker or a trader that only sees the numbers on the screen, desensitized of the months of hard work, savings and salaries paid to represent those numbers. Do you know what happens to your savings? Where does your money get invested in your pension fund? Well done. If you are aware and happy with it, great. The majority of people have no idea or visibility. Entrusting their emergency capital and savings to institutions that may not be communicating their strategy clearly or using channels that don’t align with the younger crowd. It’s no longer enough passing your wealth trustingly to the bank and pension funds who are completely out of touch with the current levels of digitization and new technology. These centralized institutions have eroded their most valuable weapon – trust and transparency. Enough is enough, it’s time to take control of your wealth.

Swissborg is the first Swiss crypto-wealth management ecosystem based on the blockchain, developed by a team of fintech experts.  A simple set of features puts in a position that offers access to tools that can help you manage your wealth:

  • Wealth App – all-in-one wealth app will offer diversified and automatically re-balanced portfolios . You would be able to view your portfolio live at any time with the flick of your wrist using your supercomputer hidden in your back pocket. In order to fund your account, you will be able to instantly transfer fiat and crypto in it where the best conversion rates will be applied aided by an institutional grade market price aggregator engine.
  • SwissBorg SB5 Index – To benefit from diversification eliminating unsystemic risks and achieving market returns the company has developed on of the first crypto index products. Assets are rebalanced periodically to mitigate the risk and you would be able to get an exposure to the top market cap projects that constitute the index. Don’t try picking out the best performers of this new trend rather put your wealth looking long term in the top projects.

Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack! – Jack Boggle

Source: Swissborg

Swissborg is a holistic crypto wealth management ecosystem that is accessible to everyone. Simple investment tools are put in the hands of the user build by a team of experts in their respective fields. The company doesn’t stop at disrupting with their main proposition and products that it offers, but also the way it is run and operates. The DAO or “decentralized autonomous organisations” are organisations that are both decentralized and autonomous. Swissborg seeks to run a lean business operation without a centralized zone of operation empowering its employees towards autonomous contribution to the organisation that benefits them on the basis of their input. The company values are a great guidepost for this matter:

  • Meritocracy – through self-organisation and decentralized control the organisation seeks to benefit those who participate on the basis of their contribution and skills rather than their standing in the hierarchy. Rewards on the basis of contribution brings equality and trust within an organisation where individuals have to demonstrate their credibility. This is in development with the company in light of the CHSB token, Swarm platform and the DAO. Swissborg is still developing a fully fledged DAO though it already exhibits large portions of it in the way it operates and makes decisions to the way that it takes feedback and suggestions by the community through the Swarm Intelligence platform & Proof of Merit systems.
  • Transparency & Trust – both key elements for any systems that transacts value between individuals that being through physical cash, IOUs or cryptocurrency. Recently exactly those values have eroded massively in the traditional banking and Financial system.
  • Community & Inclusiveness – a community-centric investment network that offers the same product and services no matter the jurisdiction, nationality, skin-colour, etc. Accessibility without borders that can help one take ownership of their future wealth.

Swissborg’s product and intentions are clearly well-positioned to bring about some serious change in the way how we manage our future wealth. Moreover, with the end of the business cycle many assets that have performed well are due for a correction while negative interest rates affect debt and bond markets in a very bad way. A few safe havens are left to those that seek to preserve their wealth in the face of cash and gold. Although the emergence of Digital assets offers the option for additional diversification and allocation of capital in an asset class with zero to negative correlation to the traditional markets.

Managing your finances and investments from a platform built on a blockchain can add additional security and reassurance against fraudulent behaviour as to the inherent auditability and uniformity of the transactions in the network. Simplicity in the ease of transacting your fiat and crypto into financial products define a path to easier adoption. Crypto indexes are another ingredient for adoption of digital assets and preservation of your capital that stands at the front of Swissborg’s proposition. Indexes are also a great vehicles for your wealth allowing you to get reduced risk market exposure and benefit from improved returns in the long-term. Depending on your personal risk and return appetite different indexes mapping out different areas of the crypto space offer a product to wealth management customers in a different period of their investment journey. Furthermore, not only the product is disruptive to the wealth market. The people behind it elapse decades of experience in the Banking and Investment Management industry in Switzerland, Japan and Canada. Finally, the company is on a definite path to disrupting the way we manage our wealth and invest in the next big wave of economical value creation that is the digital assets space.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. The content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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