Steven Bonchev Prof

    I am Steven and my goal is to inspire you to travel and adventure around the world while saving the planet, staying fit & keeping up with Technology and your Finances.  I want you to improve yourself and keep striving for success and achievement in health, wealth, love and happiness.

“Where The Mind Goes, The Body Follows”


Simplicity                                                                    Integrity

         Curiosity                                                                  Self-Awareness

  Hard Work                                                                    Patience


Growing Up in Post-Communist Bulgaria during the Transition period was not easy, opportunities were scarce and the mindset of people backward. When I was 18, I saw an opportunity to move to Scotland where prospects for education and better future were clearly outlined. Since then, I have managed to Graduate with 2:1 MA Finance and Hispanic Studies from the University of Aberdeen, embark on a career in Finance and travel to 5 continents while living in 8 countries constantly working on improving myself and life hacking my way forward.


Fitness           Salsa             Martial Arts         Tattoos

Photography             Backpacking             Sailing                 Hiking

Finance            Trading          Blockchain             Cryptocurrencies

Favourite movie – The Matrix by The Wachowski Brothers

Favourite Book – Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Favourite Game – World of Warcraft by Blizzard

Fitness Goal – Do a Triathlon & Get in the 1000lb Club

Please reach out with any questions, feedback or recommendations on improving my website or anything else that you think might be helpful:

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