Crypto Analysis: Tezos

SUMMARY Project name: Tezos Ticker symbol: XTZ Token type: Infrastructure Protocol Genesis block: June 30, 2018 ROI: 501.79% Consensus mechanism: LPoS Key exchanges: Binance, OKex, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, Bitfinex Exchange volume: $124,485,797 USD Wallets: Galleon Wallet, AirGap, Kukai, ZenGo, Ledger, Trezor Overview The battle of the protocols has been fierce and ongoing for the few years where we are still seeingContinue reading “Crypto Analysis: Tezos”

Privacy and how to protect it?

Privacy is one of our basic freedoms that has been infringed more and more recently. Moreover, many have simply given it away freely in order to receive certain types of services from big corporates. In other cases people have been forcefully imposed laws and regulations that simply take it away by governments. Civil liberties areContinue reading “Privacy and how to protect it?”

Blockchain for good: supply-chains and sustainability

Michael was on his way to his weekly shopping on a hazy Sunday afternoon in September. He was in his 30s, wearing a typical attire of a shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes made out of faux leather. This was his usual weekend shop. For his lunches in the office that he was workingContinue reading “Blockchain for good: supply-chains and sustainability”

Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?

This article is originally published in Albaron Ventures. As Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to grow in adoption and popularity, a common topic for discussion is whether the U.S. government, or any government for that matter, can exert control of its use.  There are two core issues that lay the foundation of the BitcoinContinue reading “Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?”

Swissborg – Control your Wealth

A big bold message hits you when you first access Swissborg’s main website – Control Your Wealth. A strong proposition. One that raises both financial and emotional connotations backed by a logo with a mechanistic and forward looking design. From the mountains of Switzerland, Swissborg is set on a mission to build a platform thatContinue reading “Swissborg – Control your Wealth”