Asset picks: Watches

Alternative assets find their way to more and more investors worldwide as the search for above market returns, low correlation and reduced risk make way for such investments. Investing in watches is not only a good way to bring abnormal returns over the years, but also tangible assets that can be worn and enjoyed byContinue reading “Asset picks: Watches”

Asset picks: Wine

There are many different types of alternative assets out there, from watches and jewelry to cars and artwork, but probably none as exciting and as experiential as wine. Wine has a character and it changes with time. It’s origins traced from all around the globe define it’s value while time makes it appreciate culminating inContinue reading “Asset picks: Wine”

Risk and uncertainty in investing.

Making decisions, life or financial, bear a certain amount of risk as well as the uncertainty of the variable outcomes inherent to those decisions. The risk of arriving at a negative outcome can be measured while uncertainty is defined by the stretch of the unknown. Decisions are based on forecasts or expectations of different outcomes.Continue reading “Risk and uncertainty in investing.”

Asset picks: Gold

Gold and silver are the only substances, which have been, and continue to be, the universal currency of civilized nations. Albert Gallatin Gold is an element atomic number 79 to be precise which is found in ore and nuggets. Scare quantities deep into the earth’s crust. Gold is the same everywhere because of its purity,Continue reading “Asset picks: Gold”

Crypto Analysis: Polkadot

SUMMARY Project name: Polkadot Ticker symbol: DOT Token type: Protocol Layer Consensus mechanism: PoA to NPOS Key exchanges: BitForex, HotBit, BigOne Exchange volume: $6,649,355 USD Total Supply: 10,000,000 DOT ROI: -13.83% Overview Blockchain and cryptocurrencies were first started with the Protocol time period and Bitcoin the original cryptocurrency following the 2008 Financial crisis. It dealt with the creation of an alternative currencyContinue reading “Crypto Analysis: Polkadot”