Coincentral: How Blockchain Forensics Fight Crypto Crimes

I would like to announce a partnership & collaboration with Coincentral with a series of guest posts. Please see the first article from the Coincentral Series first written by Sarah Rothrie: One of the first things that any crypto noob learns about Bitcoin is that it isn’t anonymous. The takedown of dark web marketplace Silk Road is oneContinue reading “Coincentral: How Blockchain Forensics Fight Crypto Crimes”

Crypto Analysis: EOS

Summary Project name: EOS Token name: EOS Ticker symbol: EOS Token Type: ERC20 to EOS Start date: May 2017 Exchanges: 20+ Market Cap: $5,365,087,431 as of 22/09 Total Supply: 1,006,245,120 EOS Circulating Supply: 906,245,118 EOS Overview In the current blockchain ecosystem, there are many blockchain infrastructure protocols that are competing between one another. Many of these protocols are seekingContinue reading “Crypto Analysis: EOS”

Assets, blockchains and risks

The world of cryptocurrencies is like the big bad jungle out there. ICOs, illegitimate projects and rampant volatility in the markets deem this class and industry super risky, unreliable and a downright scam. The same as in the jungle, only the strongest will survive and an attitude of kill or be killed is common. WhenContinue reading “Assets, blockchains and risks”

Crypto: My Binance Story

The world of crypto is considered by many to be the wild west of investing. The cryptocurrencies exchanges are the meeting spots where investors, traders, and speculators meet up to transact in them.  Buying and selling into cryptocurrencies from a reputable and reliable place where your assets will be secured might be hard to chooseContinue reading “Crypto: My Binance Story”