Book club: The Technological Singularity

In recent years the breakneck speed of exponential technological development has let many to believe that the realms of science fictions and human-like robots might become reality sooner than many think. I have been fascinated by these developments. Keen and curious to learn more about it delving down an exponentially expanding rabbit hole. Or aContinue reading “Book club: The Technological Singularity”

Book Club: Start-Up Nation

Welcome to the Book Club where I will be doing short reviews and book digests of some of the more interesting pieces I am currently reading. “Four guys are standing on a street corner… An American, a Russian, A Chinese man, and an Israeli… A reporter comes up to the group and says to them:Continue reading “Book Club: Start-Up Nation”

8 Sources for Free Education Online

Education is key. Nowadays the strive for learning and improving oneself through college and higher education have led many to end up in a spiralling circle of never-ending debt. The desire to study hard, work part-time, rack up credit card debt and be without a stable employment for 4 or 5 years until you finishContinue reading “8 Sources for Free Education Online”