Sustainability through using the blockchain within supply-chains

Michael was on his way to his weekly shopping on a hazy Sunday afternoon in September. He was in his 30s, wearing a typical attire of a shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes made out of faux leather. This was his usual weekend shop. For his lunches in the office that he was workingContinue reading “Sustainability through using the blockchain within supply-chains”

Moroccan Christmas Adventure 1

Several years ago I was working as a Teaching Assistant with the British Council in Seville, Spain. The job was great fun teaching high school children different classes in English ranging from Maths, Geography and History. It gave me an opportunity to enrich myself culturally, widen my horizons and travel extensively in Western Europe andContinue reading “Moroccan Christmas Adventure 1”

The simple what, where and when of investing?

People have this general misconception that investing is super complicated. Trading stocks, buying commodities, currency FX exchange may sound like a little bit over your head. In this article, I would like to try to dissolve this misconception by explaining it step-by-step through this simple three short questions what, where and when. WHAT First ofContinue reading “The simple what, where and when of investing?”

What it is like to do a MSc in Financial Engineering in World Quant University?

On the 15 June 2015, I graduate with a Master of Arts in Finance and Hispanic Studies. I got 2:1 and I were so sure that from now on everything is going to be easy, the hard part is done, a job is on the way and I am sorted. I was setting myself upContinue reading “What it is like to do a MSc in Financial Engineering in World Quant University?”

Quick Guide on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology have taken the world by storm in the last 6 months. Unprecedented market gains and returns on the side of the cryptocurrencies market have stunned investors. The blockchain technology behind many of them has given hope of changing the precept of the financial system and the way society interacts. BothContinue reading “Quick Guide on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain”