Privacy and how to protect it?

Privacy is one of our basic freedoms that has been infringed more and more recently. Moreover, many have simply given it away freely in order to receive certain types of services from big corporates. In other cases people have been forcefully imposed laws and regulations that simply take it away by governments. Civil liberties areContinue reading “Privacy and how to protect it?”

Crypto Analysis: EOS

Summary Project name: EOS Token name: EOS Ticker symbol: EOS Token Type: ERC20 to EOS Start date: May 2017 Exchanges: 20+ Market Cap: $5,365,087,431 as of 22/09 Total Supply: 1,006,245,120 EOS Circulating Supply: 906,245,118 EOS Overview In the current blockchain ecosystem, there are many blockchain infrastructure protocols that are competing between one another. Many of these protocols are seekingContinue reading “Crypto Analysis: EOS”

Assets, blockchains and risks

The world of cryptocurrencies is like the big bad jungle out there. ICOs, illegitimate projects and rampant volatility in the markets deem this class and industry super risky, unreliable and a downright scam. The same as in the jungle, only the strongest will survive and an attitude of kill or be killed is common. WhenContinue reading “Assets, blockchains and risks”

Quick Guide on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology have taken the world by storm in the last 6 months. Unprecedented market gains and returns on the side of the cryptocurrencies market have stunned investors. The blockchain technology behind many of them has given hope of changing the precept of the financial system and the way society interacts. BothContinue reading “Quick Guide on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain”