Short Essay: Trader

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin He wakes up early, around five thirty in the morning. Immediately he puts his training clothes on and goes to the gym. The morning workout is as important as the previous night’s sleep. The mind has to be rested and energized, alert so thatContinue reading “Short Essay: Trader”

Who’s got the edge in the Quantitative Trading Space?

Learning from the competition while looking for a niche in the market where your idea, trading strategy or business can fit in is paramount to the success of your venture. A thorough research on your competition, strategies, trading operations would present you with the ideas and direction that you need to take in order to gainContinue reading “Who’s got the edge in the Quantitative Trading Space?”

The simple what, where and when of investing?

People have this general misconception that investing is super complicated. Trading stocks, buying commodities, currency FX exchange may sound like a little bit over your head. In this article, I would like to try to dissolve this misconception by explaining it step-by-step through this simple three short questions what, where and when. WHAT First ofContinue reading “The simple what, where and when of investing?”