Crypto Analysis: Zilliqa (ZIL)

SUMMARY Project name: Zilliqa Ticker symbol: ZIL Token type: Protocol native Zil utility token Consensus mechanism: Hybrid PoW & PBFT Hash algorithm: Ethash algorithm Genesis date: January 12, 2018 Key exchanges: Binance, Ubit, Coinbase & Coinbase Custody, Bittrex Wallets: Moonlet (audit complete), Trust Wallet, ZHIP, Light-waller, Midas Protocol, xZil, Ledger Companion. Current Market Cap: $135,787,048 (04.03.2019 @CoinGecko) CurrentContinue reading “Crypto Analysis: Zilliqa (ZIL)”

Cryptocurrency Trading Hacks: For Newbies & Pros Alike

This is the second part of the collaboration with Please find a  guest post that I think is super interesting for beginners in the crypto space: This article by Sarah Pritzker first appeared on Cryptocurrency is the double edge sword of the trading world. The volatility is insane; you’ll see major swings fromContinue reading “Cryptocurrency Trading Hacks: For Newbies & Pros Alike”

Book club: The Technological Singularity

In recent years the breakneck speed of exponential technological development has let many to believe that the realms of science fictions and human-like robots might become reality sooner than many think. I have been fascinated by these developments. Keen and curious to learn more about it delving down an exponentially expanding rabbit hole. Or aContinue reading “Book club: The Technological Singularity”

5 Most Useful Blockchain Videos: A Beginner’s Guide

A new year and a new guest post in partnership with YouTube to MP3 Shark . The guest post below cater for the beginners in the blockchain space looking at the different angles to explain this technology, how it works and its implementation in real life. Please enjoy:   You might be somewhat familiar with theContinue reading “5 Most Useful Blockchain Videos: A Beginner’s Guide”